How to Develop an "Entrepreneurial Selling Consciousness"

There’s a reason we admire entrepreneurs. They have a creative edge. They’re not afraid to take calculated risks. They have the persistence to keep working on a project until they achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs build dynamic products and organizations and often change industries and business models forever.

When sales professionals act with entrepreneurial spirit, interesting things begin to happen. They start to:

Attract more business
Inspire prospects to say, “yes”
Edge out the competition
Break old sales records and create new benchmarks for success

Imagine what would happen if you learned the secrets of the entrepreneurial spirit and applied it to your sales efforts. As you master entrepreneurial sales techniques, you develop a sense of self‐confidence that gives you the edge in every sales presentation. Embodying entrepreneurial qualities causes a shift in your sales results. Suddenly, selling is more fun and your commissions are much larger. Your clients see you as a respected resource. Your peers admire your results. Your management team recognizes you as a leader in your organization and rewards your achievements.

Some people believe that we must be born with an entrepreneurial spirit, but don’t fall for that that myth. Others believe that entrepreneurial qualities are only useful if you’re starting your own business – another damaging misconception you should ignore. Not only can you learn and develop your own entrepreneurial qualities, but you can apply them to the job you have today, every job you’ll have in the future, and in every part of your business and personal life.

I can show you how.

Attend SalesPreneur, my inspiring 2‐day seminar that will show you how to:

Develop the kind of self‐worth that will give you an edge in every sales presentation
Sell by attraction, instead of running after every prospect Determine the innovative selling strategies that work best for you
Use the Laws for Entrepreneurial Sales Success to revolutionize your results
Phone like a pro to set more appointments
Embody the characteristics of Star Performing, Highly Effective SalesPreneurs and start breaking sales records
Inspire customers to say, “yes”
Apply the PEP selling strategy **what is it? What is the benefit to the customer?
Master the inner game of selling to increase your self‐discipline
Ask the right questions and close more sales
Find your own natural rhythm for Entrepreneurial Selling
Establish rapport, build trust, and win customers’ confidence Set strategic, intuitive goals you can achieve
Approach sales from a values‐based, solution‐oriented perspective that establishes you as a resource for your clients
Manage your energy effectively so you can continue to perform, even under stress
Sell different people…differently
Find a sales coach and benefit from expert mentorship
Deliver sales presentations effectively to increase your conversion rate


“ …results we have experienced within the last 90 days are 6 of our 16 sales people have had their best months ever and the company has had its second biggest month in history. „
- Advantage Memory Corporation

“ Your series of seminars has formed the base for our entire sales program. In early 1993, EnTrade was merged with Tenneco Gas Marketing Company to form a $2 billion per year marketing company. Your programs still serve as one of our foundational blocks. „
- Tenneco Gas Marketing Company