How to create a greater, stronger entrepreneurial vision

Entrepreneurs are agents of innovation. They recreate the ways we do business, invent new products and solutions, and somehow manage to convince others to invest in ideas that aren’t necessarily tangible yet. No wonder we relish their success stories – they are the embodiment of so many of our dreams.

Entrepreneurs ‐ and their corporate equivalent, intrapreneurs – sit on the very edge of our present, boldly creating our future. Perhaps more than anyone else alive today, entrepreneurs have the ability to create positive transformation in our companies and in our society. It’s an exciting position to be in ‐ and worthwhile. And it’s available to us all.

Entrepreneurial leadership is not the privileged domain of the few born with special talents. We all have the entrepreneurship within us. What we do with this innate gift informs our leadership style, affects the teams we manage, and impacts the success of our companies.

When leaders begin to draw upon their entrepreneurial qualities, innovation and success follow naturally.

They start to:

Access their creativity more easily
Focus their efforts
Transform and grow
Leave old, destructive thought patterns behind
Lead from a place of quiet strength

Imagine what would happen if you fostered your entrepreneurial spirit and applied it to your leadership efforts. As you master entrepreneurial leadership and grow personally, your self‐worth becomes unshakable. Embodying entrepreneurial leadership inspires your subordinates. You begin to feel like a natural leader, and your results show it. It’s easier to meet your goals and people start to consider you an industry expert. Suddenly people are seeking you out. They want your advice, your point of view, your mentorship. And it doesn’t stop there. Your transformation creates a ripple effect in your organization that changes attitudes and work habits around you. This happens. I’ve seen it. I’ve taught people how to make it happen.

I can teach you how to do it.

Attend VisionPreneur. My dynamic 2‐day seminar will teach you life‐enhancing strategies so you can:

Create a better future – for yourself and your organization
Take the right kind of action, and know why that’s so important
Accomplish more in less time with less stress
Discover the essence of a successful entrepreneurial business
Capture a clearer vision of what you want to have, be and do
Solve problems and transform your life for the better – forever
Develop an entrepreneurial consciousness that will help you lead innovatively
Foster a sense of well‐being that will carry you through challenges and on to success
Use your business as a vehicle for personal growth

The life‐enhancing strategies taught during VisionPreneur provide practical, powerful solutions that produce highly‐effective entrepreneurial leaders capable of achieving their personal and professional goals. Start seeing the results right away.


“ Your power-packed seminars in San Francisco and Denver offered practical techniques, ideas and strategies that our distributors can use in building their independent businesses. Your series of seminars were the ideal follow-up to your superb keynote address at our national conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thank you again, Dale. „
- Multi-Pure Corporation

“ The more than 400 attendees were unanimous in their praise of your message and I know you touched the lives of many. The standing ovations which Dale received is a strong testimonial to the strength of his message and to his powerful presentation. „
- Travel 2000 Network, Ltd.

“ During the period of time when our business is usually at its slowest, January and February and with the so-called recession, our business has increased 21% over the last year -and we've only just completed our second month on Dale's program. We personally know of the great accomplishments that some of our clients' companies have achieved with Dale's Entrepreneurial Leadership programs. „
- David Rickey and Company.